Ready to Thrive!’s mission is to empower all people to Thrive through its line of frozen, better for you, all natural products. Designed in Los Angeles, ethically sourced, gluten-free, and created with a healthy on the go lifestyle in mind, Ready to Thrive! is redefining what it means to be a frozen food brand. By spelling out each ingredient and having actual images of each ingredient on every package, this is a frozen brand on a mission to change the perception of frozen food. Real ingredients, real photos, real tasty products that are good for you and help you Thrive.

Customers love Ready to Thrive’s bright packaging, easy to read ingredients, easy to understand names, and millennial-focused marketing and content.The brand first launched in October 2018 through an exclusive at Target, with a line of Ready To Blend Smoothies, pre-packaged in colorful cups, strawless sippy lids, and packed with powerful ingredients such as Acai, ginger root, blueberry, matcha, protein, coffee, dark chocolate and more.


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