Toys + Games + Crafts

Craft City

CRAFT CITY is a millennial-focused crafting brand that encompasses everything from DIY Slime Kits to Individual Tubes of Slime to Sleepover themed DIY kits to Pancake Art and more. 

Guava Toys

GUAVA TOYS is a kid crafting brand that has everything from DIY Slime Kits to Individual Tubes of Slime to Pancake Art to STEM kits and more.

JiffPom Toys

JIFFPOM is the most followed dog in the world and famous for his fabulous lifestyle filled with incredible clothing, accessories, trips, celebrity sightings and more. JiffPom Products is innovating across the entire toy category.


BRO GAMES is a millennial-focused outdoor activity brand. From Cotton Swab Guns to outdoor games such as Fill My Hole, this brand is sure to please all bros. 

Brandable Games

BRANDABLE GAMES has three distinct card game businesses: Influencer Games, Celebrations Games, Licensed Games. 

Cosmetics + Wellness

Make It

MAKE IT is an exciting new cosmetics brand filled with uniquely themed makeup kits. These kits let you professionally mix your own makeup colors and make one-of-a-kind blends, just like the pros do. Why makeup, when you can Make It?  

Get Glitt

GET GLITT is a Gen Z and millennial-focused cosmetics brand that features unique DIY glitter kits and accessories. Each kit has a great theme and contains everything needed to make your body into a one-of-a-kind glitter masterpiece! 

Queen V

QUEEN V is the only millennial-focused feminine wellness brand. Queen V was founded by a frustration with the harmful medications and ingredients that have become the norm in women’s health. Our objective is to conquer the feminine wellness space with products that are pH-balanced, free of harmful ingredients, convenient, easy to use and affordable. We’re a female powered, millennial-focused health and wellness company that has cultivated a community that helps women become Queen V. 

Alaska Four Nine

ALASKA FOUR NINE is the brainchild of Parker Schnabel, who is known to the world as the star of Discovery Channel's highest rated reality television series, Gold Rush. Parker knows what is required to survive in the rugged Alaskan outdoors and lives for adventure. He discovered that no product on the market could keep up with his lifestyle. That’s why he created Alaska Four Nine, the only outdoor wellness brand designed in his hometown, Haines, Alaska.


Happy Pet

HAPPY PET is the first ever doctor created, pet-focused wellness brand. Each product has been formulated and created by Dr. Evan Antin and he knows it works because he gives it to his own pets and his pet patients. Each product is made from many natural ingredients and is formulated to keep your pet healthy and happy (and you happy as well).

Food + Drink

Super Snack Time

SUPER SNACK TIME is all about reinventing snacking for the masses. Harley and the crew at Epic are known to the world as America's most viral snackers. They are the most-followed, non-professional chef Food influencers in the world. They're also remarkably quirky, and got started as the original YouTubers to go viral for crazy food challenges. In the last 18 months, they have received over 7M subscribers and half a billion views. 



NOMAD TRAVEL is a travel lifestyle brand with products built to Explore Everywhere. Founded by America’s iconic TV explorer Josh Gates, every product is created, designed and engineered to travel further, experience more and Explore Everywhere.

Pretty Feet

PRETTY FEET is created by Kalani Hilliker, the 17-year-old queen of the dance floor and one of the most recognizable faces on social media.  Best known for starring in the hit television series Dance Moms, Kalani has a passion for both dance and fashion. She's obsessed with design, style and keeping up with the latest trends... and now she is a budding young entrepreneur and founder of KH By Kalani’s Pretty Feet.