About us

Brandable is a next generation consumer products studio that partners with strategic influencers, content brands and trendsetters to build the next great consumer products brands.

Our Business

At Brandable, we believe the next great consumer products brands will be launched by expert influencers. We partner with those influencers to ignite their passions by owning, operating and launching new consumer product brands. The influencer must be an "expert" in a specific category for the brand and products to make sense. We do not simply put names on merchandise. We innovate and source or create high-quality, unique products that people love and that are value propositions for the customer.   

Our Strategy

We operate our business similar to a Hollywood television studio: we have many talented executives working across multiple brands and supporting brands in complementary categories. We are a team of over twenty staff and over twenty consultants, that work on Brandable every single day. We focus on creating and developing unique and groundbreaking programs with the biggest and most respected retailers in the world.

Our Category Expertise

Toys + Games + Craft

With brands like Craft City, Guava Toys, and our extensive Brandable Game programs, we are experts in all things toy. We have extensive sourcing, logistics and manufacturing teams on the ground in China and Vietnam that work full time on Brandable's growing toy business and executing on projects for our partners. 

Cosmetics + Wellness

With brands like Queen V, Alaska Four Nine, and our new cosmetics brands Make It and Get Glitt, we know how to develop, make and manufacture just about any wellness or cosmetics product. We make everything domestically through our network of FDA approved manufacturing partners.


With brands like Happy Pet and more in development, we know how to make everything from shampoos, conditioners, dog baking mixes and more innovative products. Our domestic network of FDA and USDA approved manufacturing partners allows us to take on any size pet project. 

Food + Drink

With brands such as Super Snack Time and many more launching in 2018, food is our fastest growing business. We have two full time in house R&D chefs, as well as a network of USDA and Walmart approved contract manufactures to take on any type of food project. From jerky, to dry baking, frozen, fried and more, we know how to make food products and can handle large volume big retailers require.

Our Key Retail Partners


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